About Us


My name is JD Danforth, CEO of Joe Buckets Training. I'm originally from Rockford IL and played ball at Auburn high school and finished playing at Kentucky Wesleyan University.

I got into training after I graduated from college; during my basketball career, I fell in love with training and helping athletes develop their skills and building confidence on and off the court.


Since moving back to my hometown, I've been able to grow my business and be recognized as THE SKILLS TRAINING COACH of Rockford Illinois. I've been fortunate enough to build a team that has the same vision and values as myself. We work with many athletes ranging from professionals all the way down to elementary-aged children either locally, surrounding cities, different states, and soon to be another country.

My goal is to impact the basketball culture and groom athletes in my hometown as early as possible to help create some of the best basketball talents in the Midwest.